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Keyboard shortcuts will only be on this page soon (this is also the first “project” under featured in the Web Explorer):

Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Slash ( / ): open search
  • Escape: close search or project being played
  • Plus (+): open x-ray
  • Equals (=): toggle x-ray click actions
  • Minus (-): toggle x-ray view mode
  • Traditional browser shortcuts (tab, alt+arrow, home/end, etc.)
These only work when x-ray is open and on a computer
  • ctrl + click = select or unselect a project
  • shift + click = select all projects in range
  • alt + click = remove the project card from the page
  • del = remove all selected projects from view
  • c = clear project selection (deselect all)
  • h = toggle x-ray view for this project (force it to disappear or not to)
  • ctrl + a = select all project cards
  • ctrl + c = copy the link of all selected projects
  • alt + k = keep only the selection, remove all other project cards
  • alt + o = opens all selected projects in new tabs (requires popup permissions)
  • alt + p = opens the code of selected projects (also needs popup permissions)

Planned features
  • None
X-Ray Update (1.1.0)

Press + on a physical keyboard (pc or Bluetooth only) to “x-ray” some projects (mostly for the newest tab) and see a couple more options. You’d be surprised to see how well you can judge a project without playing it, or seeing the code inside. It’s not really a public feature, but I thought I might as well tell you guys about it just to get some feedback. Oh and PFPs render now in case you haven’t checked since.

X-Ray Mechanism

Project title:

  • Must include at least 5 letters
  • Must not match this regular expression:
    ([a-z0-9])\1{5,}|([?!].*){3,}|([a-z]{0,12},)?[a-z]{0,12}&[a-z]{0,12}|[a-z0-9]{16,}|.{41,}|fan\s?art|\bI think\b|\bremix\b|\bimpossible\b|\bomg\b|Cros[bs]y|\bDont\sdrop\s(your)?\s(phone|📱)|\bannouncement|\bshout\s*?out\b|\brequests?\b|\bpl[zs]\b|\bplease\b|\bif.{0,10}(get).{0,10}like\b|\blike for part\b|\b(so|super)\s(easy|hard)\b|\blike\sbutton\b|\btry(\snot)\s(to)?\b|\bfidget\b|\bspinner\b|[\s|^][bcdefghjklmnpqrtuwxyz][\s$]|(read|see) (in |the )? code
    • Cannot have 5 or more consecutive letters/numbers
    • Must have less than 3 “?” and “!” (combined)
    • Must not be untitled (shows title as “object 1, object 2 & object 3”)
    • No word can be more than 16 characters
    • Must be shorter than 41 characters before any separators – those are (, :, and -.
    • Cannot have “fan art”, “remix”, “i think” (as in I think I did this wrong), “impossible”, “omg”, “announcement”, “shoutout”, “request”, “please/pls/plz”, “like for part x”, “super easy/hard”, “like button”, “try not to”, “fidget spinner”, or “read/see code” in title.
    • Cannot be a “Don’t Drop your phone” or “Crossy Road” project
    • Cannot contain words with a single letter (exceptions: a, o, s, v)

Project Thumbnail:

  • Must Contain at least 3 significant (represents more than 0.7% of the thumbnail) colors.
  • None of the 3 most abundant colors should be extremely close to hot pink (because that is what’s used inside “Draw Like a Pen”, and those projects are 99% nonsense)

Other Conditions:

  • Project will not show up if it has 5 or more likes but less than 3 plays (remove most art – only because it’s not what I am interested in picking)
  • Automatically shows if play count > 15 and thumbnail is good to go.
  • Automatically shows if likes > 50 and play count > 20.

Check out the mechanism:

  1. Activate x-ray mode on a PC and open the console.
  2. Click on some projects
  3. Open the color pallet folder to see the common colors (shows highlighted rgb value and distance from the pink color). The number below represents the percentage of the thumbnail that the 2 most abundant colors take up (this doesn’t currently affect whether the project will show, but I’m testing a 97% rule). The 3 conditions below are pass or fail (green/red), and they are “pink, 97% rule, number of significant colors”. Only the 1st and 3rd are in effect.

You’d be surprised how well this can actually filter a lot of stuff out. Also, it only filters out very few projects that are curated, to some of which I would agree with that decision.

Search Update (1.2.0)

Search is here.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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ok but actually
  • Search by projects or users.
  • Search, unlike the Hopscotch app, utilizes more than just 1 page of results from the api.
  • Mystery watermelon pfp (ID #33) should show up properly
  • A few styling updates here and there (notably when using “tab”)
  • X-ray mechanism probably had a change somewhere
  • Can this officially browse projects better than the app?

Pages Update (1.3.0)

This update works on usability / convenience features all around the web explorer.

  • Playing projects now uses an iframe of my play project page so that you can stay on the same page while playing a project, similar to the Hopscotch app.
  • Select tiles feature (computers only, sorry) for x-ray mode: see keyboard shortcuts at the top of this post
  • X-ray can now be activated from the URL with the url parameter “xRay” being present (/explore-channel/?xRay will activate it).
  • I probably forgot to mention something, who knows.

Personality Update (1.4.0)

Released in several different phases, this update includes several new features:

  • User badges: these can be earned through my competitions and by contributing to the HS tools webpage.
  • Updated the project player for keyboard support among other modded actions as well as compatibility with the fast collisions player (also v1.4.0 – how funny).
  • When loading the web explorer, a mock-project called “Web Explorer Info” will show up as the first featured project. Obviously, this is only for the web explorer and explains how to use it, the significance of it, and the keyboard shortcuts it offers.
  • More information is given on the info popup, specifically number of blocks in a project, like to play ratio, etc.

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