Hopscotch Wars Template: Side Heros



Sith was fixing a robot while thinking what he was into now. He then uncontrollably yelled "THIS TIME IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!! ZOLGOTH, YOU CAN'T SAY THAT IT IS THIS TIME!!!!" Suddenly, the robot that Sith was fixing slapped him in the face and left. Zolgoth came running over. "What were you saying? I couldn't understand you." He said. "This is NOT my fault. NOT!!!" said Sith. "Sith, I made a big mistake once, mistook you for a villain." Replied Zolgoth, softly. "HEY! WH-" Zolgoth covered Sith's lips. "I don't know."

One day, Menais made a decision. "EVERYBODY!!! COME TO ME!!!" She yelled. Sith, Urgo, Algro, and Zolgoth came running over. "What is it?" Asked Zolgoth. "We cannot be on the bad side. We need a plan." Said Menais. "We could break out during the night!" Said Algro. "He will notice we escaped and track us down." Said Sith. "how about, during the night, we can talk to (hero) and we can work together from here!" Suggested Zolgoth. "Good idea!" Said Urgo. "Do we have a plan?" "I this so!" Said Menais.

I will be making more, this is just how they became good, and a relationship of Sith and Zolgoth.


mentak's men are guys and there bad guys who are loyal.


@GiraffeProductions when did I ever say that? Then why did I mark them as Side heros?


Yeah those guys are Mustak's men and are evil though and through but I really like how you wrote that!! Maybe we could have other men who went along with Mustak and found out that they couldn't handle being evil anymore and went to work with Jodyn (the hero)?


@BasketballNerd I just don't understand the fact that I labeled them as "Side Heros" and you ignore that.


Well, they can be side heroes! They can be the ones who save Jodyn when he falls into that pit at the end! Oh, and I was thinking... We could have Sith, Menais, Urgo, Algro, and Zolgoth be the ones who turn good, but then have other nameless evil guys who work for Mustak?


Or maybe one of them remains evil but the other four turn good? Like Sith be the evil one (his name just sounds evil )


@BasketballNerd that sounds good! So, Sith secretly is staying evil. I will make a template for that. Make sure @GiraffeProductions knows how this is playing out.


Sounds good I guess. Have anyone of you guys ever seen Star Wars? Maybe the traders end up dead or one of them dies.


1. I haven't
2. It's only themed off star wars


Unless @BasketballNerd has seen Star Wars or wants it like star wars


That sounds interesting... But let's have no one die in this cuz this is supposed to be clean?


We don't have to have it exactly like it! We can have them use lightsabers or something