Hopscotch Wars- NEW!



I know there a lot of contests going on, but some people missed the boat or got eliminated, so I am now starting a topic for one I made!
Hopscotch Wars!
I am hosting a Hopscotch competition to make a game! I am willing to take 6-16 members. Each week there will be a topic or assignment that you must complete. The work is graded on
1. Completion on Time /10
2. Effort /10
3. Use of Color and Emojis /10 (it is not required that you use emojis!)
At the end of each 3 weeks the person with the highest score get a shoutout. It will go on however many weeks until we have one person left. In a case of a last place tie, you will BOTH have to upgrade a previous challenge. Best upgrade wins. See more on the Hopscotch Forum!


Can I join? 202020202200


Can I Join 2020202020


Can i join please ?????


You are in! All of you! I can't chat much our internet is down!


can I join?


Ummm the first challenge should come out Friday


Can I please join @LazyLizard!!:slightly_smiling:


Yessssss Feel free
Ugh 20 characters


That sounds like lots of fun! I would like too join please!


Ok! Thanks for joining!


Ok! Is there a theme you have to follow? When is the due date for this round? Will people be disqualified?


I name themes, and it starts Friday.


Ok! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Actually maybe I may try to get more people in.