Hopscotch Wars Collaboration



So, if I got this straight, so far there's @Lightningstrike, @Hoppertoscotch, @GiraffeProductions, @comicvillestudios, @Stampys_fans, and @Gabe_N helping with this?
If so, when should we plan on making this (like on Saturdays, Mondays etc.)?

Hopscotch WarsπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

I'm happy to give some storyline or ideas, if you want them @BasketballNerd


Sure! That would be awesome!


(Wow you wrote back to me within 1 second)
On topic, just... Message back to this topic if you need any


I will start helping as soon as I get these two hackers from hacking other account (they ALREDY hacked 4 accounts including @LotsaPizza)


Oh no!! Thats horrible...


Ok! Thanks so much!!


Just made an idea template!


Your not going to find out who they are. Hackers cover their tracks very well.


Not all the time @GiraffeProductions , sometimes people know how to hack unless they had to for their own good. Like I would do it but I have no clue how to hack at all! I would love hackers not to be on Hopscotch because it is a child friendly app that gets you start to learn about to code new stuff and have lots of fun!!!!!!!!!


Yes!!! Its a learning app!


And a question, can pleaz join dis collab?


Totally! That would be sweet! Do you like Star Wars?


Like I don't know that:neutral_face:


Oh ya boy!!!! I love it bruh! It is so dmdmdmding cool!


"dmbdmbdmbing"? (whats that mean??) Awesome!!


Stuff, I hate bad words. I am religious in a way, I don't want to talk about.


Yeah I know some hackers do forget.


Hopscotch Wars intro


nice! I like it!! :smile: