Hopscotch War has started again!


Hopscotch War has started again this year! :cop: Look me up on hopscotch for more details!


wait wut
I'm confused
Elaborate, please


Hi @CreativeCavoodle welcome to the forum! I checked your profile, do you mean this? :smiley:

Sounds awesome!


Sounds really cool!
Cant wait!


Does it involve blowing some Hopscotch stuff up in projects? xD


I saw the one from 2016 a while back when I was scrolling through your old projects. I remixed the project. Welcome to the forum! You are an awesome HS user.




Yes it is that one, I only joined the forum yesterday, still a bit confused how everything works. Thanks t1. CC


:smiley: no worries – in fact, feel free to ask about anything if you ever need help!


t1, I have a few questions: can you follow people on hopscotch forum? Can you link hopscotch projects to posts? Is there anything else I need to know? Thanks t1 for for help and support! (•ᴗ•)


Hi Creative Cavoodle, great questions :smiley:

The forum is a bit different to the app so there's no following feature here.

But there are notifications, you can tag someone by typing @ and their username (e.g. my one is @t1_hopscotch) and then they'll see your post :smile:

Edit: And there are also tag lists/groups which you can join to be notified when people have updates :smiley: I can explain that in more detail if you would like.

Yep you can link your projects here :smiley:

To get the link of a project (you may already know how to do this) — you can click the :outbox_tray: button next to the :heart: button on projects, then Copy Link.

Once you have a project link, you can just paste it on a separate line to get this:

Or you can paste it straight into the title when you start a new topic, and I think it will automatically fill in some text for you.

Let me know if you run into any problems!

I think there's not much, just that you can ask questions at any time! (Everyone is very friendly just like on Hopscotch :smile:) And feel free to look around here :slight_smile:


Thanks so much!!! @t1_hopscotch. You have really supported me not only on this but on hopscotch as well! How did you find my profile for the first time?


You're very welcome! In fact everyone is really lovely here :blush: Do you mean your Hopscotch profile? I must have found it a long time ago :thinking: