Hopscotch vs scratch apparently



Who’s better? I’m so confused?! what’s going on anymore? why? just why? whom decided who was best? what is the meaning of life it’s self? will this ever stop getting small?
Someone tell me.

The Castle Of FuntimeBoy!

Scratch because it doesn’t have a community of whiny ten year olds that do nothing but talk with their friends. Not to mention the fact that you can actually use necessary features without paying for them.


Thank you! Everyone needs to realize that!


They do realize that, but nobody cares.


Also they have a better coding system.


I think Hopscotch is better! On Hopscotch you can do anything, on scratch you can only have four different backgrounds! On scratch you can’t do trail art! Also, on Hopscotch you can make friends!


Don’t say that, y’know some ten year olds are hearing you.


You can make Trail art on scratch…


I am 10. And that’s not offensive.


Oh, well I didn’t know that


Scratch can upload images without costing money.


The only problem is that it’s only compatible for PC rn.


I’m ten too, and it IS offensive to me


Either way, I like Hopscotch better


Then if you were me. You would be not offended.


They also have cloud.


Ok, you can think Scratch is better, whatever you think, but I have a difference of opinion and we don’t need to argue


I was ten 2 years ago, it doesn’t offend me


This discussion has been mentioned lots of times, and I prefer Hopscotch. People might not think that I like the forum because I sometimes remind users to that they potentially break the guidelines.

But I really like the Hopscotch community and I just think that both the app and interface has some unique functions and blocks and also a better layout.


You can make trail art, but there isn’t really any reason when you could just draw.