Hopscotch Video ideas!



Hi guys,
Me again.

I had an idea for some new videos!
Choose as many as you like:

-Search engine
-Advanced backgrounds
-Life simulator
-Virtual pet


Do you have a youtube account that you post them on? Or are these sugustions, here is a poll for you.

-Search engine
-Advanced backgrounds
-Life simulator
-Virtual pet


I did a poll too!

  • search engine
  • Advanced backgrounds
  • Life simulator
  • Virtual Pet



@CutiesCuties, how did you do that, it didn't let me make a poll and I know exactly how to make a poll?


You have to write [poll] in the beginning and you have to put a space between the - and the word then put [poll] in the end also put a / before you write poll.


Hi @SuperStudios, is this for you to make or the Hopscotch team?
The Hopscotch Team is encouraging more Hopscotchers to post tutorials on YouTube!


Thanks guys, I forgot to put a space in between the dash and the word! Thanks @CutiesCuties for the poll!