Hopscotch version of If and Then!



So this is another version of If and Then, this is how you play it @everyone
User 1: IF we didn't know how to code things...
User 2: IF we didn't know how to code things, THEN wouldn't know how to make games...
User 3: IF we wouldn't know how to make games, THEN Pac Man would not have been invented...

AND so on....
So these are the rules
- don't get inappropriate
- if you do see something inappropriate, then immediately flag it
- have fun

IF Hopscotch wasn't invented....


If Hopscotch didn't exist, then we wouldn't be on this site...


If we wouldn't be on this site, I would be doing my homework...


IF Hopscotch wasn't invented, THEN I would probably be reading an actual BOOK!! :joy:


Please reply to the one above.


If you would be doing homework, then you would get smarter,..


If you would get smarter, then you would do very welcome coded games...


If she would code games than she could create hopscotch...


If you would create HS, this chain would be invalid or paradoxical


If this chain would be invalid, then would not be talking


If there was no talking, then this topic would be abandoned...


If we were not talking, we would be Hopscotching


If we were hopscotching, then we would find new games


If we found new games, we would try and recreate them


If we didn't try to then we would create other things or play other games...


If wwe would try to recreate them, then the original hopscotches would say were copycats...


If the original Hopscotchers would say we're copiers, then i would say meh


If you said meh, then we would continue on with our lifes...


If we continued with our lives, I would still be on the forum typing in this reply. :D


If you were still typing the reply, then I would not be typing this one!