Hopscotch v3.5.0 is out!


So the new update for Hopscotch was recently released today! Discuss the new changes and report any bugs here


THT always has updates come out at most unexpected times...


In the skills tab I got all 3 skills done how do I get more skills or level up?


More skills should come every month.


Yeah, new ones will be added in future updates


Ummm.... What "skills"?


way too simple


Yah what skill ive never heard of them


App Store description of update:

"Duplicate your drafts"! @Liza That's great! Thank you THT

Could we also have Comment blocks (if it can be done without adding lag) Please.....


Yes I have always wanted a comment block!


To duplicate a draft, long press on it as if you were going to delete it. Then tap the icon with squares instead of the X:


Hopefully the new tutorials in future updates are harder

What do you guys think about Octobers new update?

pineapple pen!
lel just kidding


Wait, some skills will only be available to subscribers? Bummer.


Yup. Finished in five mins. (Not 7)


I made a project on that ten mins after finishing the challenges. Looks like it was less useful than I thought.


Is it so? What is the skill?


I dunno. Says on THT's newest project about these skills.



Yeah I just saw that. Well, right now I guess it's okay because the skills are really basic.