Hopscotch V3.31.0 is out!


Check the app store, a new version of Hopscotch is out! If you love Hopscotch it would be great if you can give us a 5-star review, it really helps more kids find Hopscotch and make the community better for everyone.

So what’s inside?

  • You said you wanted more coding and we listened to you. You’ll see nine new videos that are available for everyone. Comment below to tell us which one you found most useful!
  • There’s a new section on the Create screen called “Get started with code” where you will find these new tutorial videos.
  • And one bug fix: some projects were just hanging out forever with the loading bear. Whoops! Thanks TheCMStudios for catching that!

We hope you enjoy Hopscotch 3.31.0!


I wonder if those projects learned how to dance :thinking:


Yay! But will this reduce art and Roleplays?


((Liza has said she’s fine with it so))


It’s not fine. And I think Liza is no longer a part of THT.
(Is she,@ana?)


that’s it, I’m leavi ng


The topic?


ℵ!ḉḙ ᾰттḙՊ℘т ᾰт ᖱḙḟḙℵᖱ!ℵ❡ ⑂✺ṳԻ ᾰԻ❡ṳՊḙℵт, ♭ṳт !т ṧℏᾰℓℓ ℵ✺т ṧṳḟḟ!ḉḙ.


Update with dancing projects:

After looking at one of the projects wiphich didn’t work, our worst fears have been confirmed. It’s learned how to dance.


Thank you! I think my brother might be joining Hopscotch soon and he will love those.

Yeah! It’s finally fixed. CMSstudios said he’d publish his latest Save It All 3 project once this bug is fixed. Thanks for fixing it.



she founded it

this isn’t apple, where Steve Jobs got fired

why would she leave?


the curse of the dancing bear it happened to me


Awesome! You´re really doing a great job with all those different updates.