Hopscotch V3.30 is out!


Please update and let us know what you think. Here are the highlights:

  • We fixed the bug where you’d press play on a draft and see a white screen with no characters and no code running.
  • opening a draft should be faster.
  • You can copy your abilities. Next release you’ll be able to duplicate custom rules as well.
  • your projects now get default names–I found this very useful, I hope you do too!
  • you can watch tutorial videos at faster or slower speeds now.
  • when you re-open a tutorial, it should save your place.



Cool, that’s good because I never name my drafts


Thank you so much for fixing that. I have been having a lot of trouble with the bug. Though I still see the white loading screen when I first press play on the project, are you guys going to work on fixing that?

Wow, and I thought opening a draft was fast already…

Wow, this is super awesome! I can’t believe we didn’t have this before!

I actually am already finding this useful…

Yay! I am super excited about this!

No way! That’s awesome

This update is gold for Hopscotch. I feel as though this update was really needed. The app runs so much smoother and I’m sure I will find the custom ability copying will come in super useful. Thank you so much for adding it. You guys are amazing and have done a great job coding your app.


Thanks for informing! I’ll see and update hopscotch.




I’m super excited for that update! It’s downloading right now. Thank you so much THT! :slight_smile:

Edit: and, you managed to get my notifications back as well!


I cannot see the update


Edit: and, you managed to get my notifications back as well!

Hmm, we didn’t change anything in that code :face_with_monocle: But glad it’s working!


I’m happy as well! It hasn’t worked for more than two months, and many other people have the same problem. If they update, it might get fixed for them as well, but it’s really weird that it just started to work by its own.


Just saw the update :+1:t2:


It seems like the latest update loaded all previous notifications from the old update. The notifications that has arrived in this update doesn’t show up. I just see the notification dot. Feel free to reach out to me here or via email (you can probably see my email addres s as you are a leader) if you’d like to work on this.

Notification Bug

The update I am the most excited for is the one where the video will take you to the spot you left off at if you close your project. Earlier I remember having to note down where I stopped so I could find it again, so I am happy that it will just auto-save now!


This feature was in the old Hopscotch App version (I think so at least). It is really good and I´m happy to see it being brought back! :slight_smile: