Hopscotch V3.30.2: New event, speedups + more


Your nice response for the last release warmed our hearts—so we added some more features, just for you :slight_smile:

  • Drumroll… You can use a new event: When not pressed. A lot of you have asked for this, some of you implemented your own version–we listened and it’s finally here!
  • Editing and closing a draft should both be much faster for large and complex projects.
  • You can copy your custom rules.
  • It was hard to see the target when you were deleting an object on the stage. The trash icon now grows when you’re hovering over it.
  • Fixed: In the editor, when you tried to delete a bunch of blocks in a row the icon would sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed: When you dragged your block too close to the bottom deleting wouldn’t work.


When is it gonna be effective @awesomeonion ?

Reason for asking:

I don’t see tha updat


Wow! I heard about this update, but I thought that it would take a while for you to finish it. I can´t wait to do some benchmarks and more. Great work as always. THT! :slight_smile:


this update sounds nice but I have a problem with my sound in HS. None of the projects (both mine and other people’s) with sound are playing, and the sound in my other apps work so it’s just HS that isn’t playing sound.

i’m pretty sure I have the latest version and I have an ipad air


Is your iPad on vibrate mode? It works for me on my iPhone


Wow! That sounds like a great update! :smiley:


What!!!Finally!!(this needs to be bigger)


Wow this looks like a great update!
Sorry I am not able to go onto the app anymore (my school thinks it counts as social media)


My iPad doesn’t have the ability to vibrate. Does Hopscotch require the vibrate function in order to play sound? The sound in HS has worked on my iPad before, by the way.


Sounds like a nice update! Lots of new features added! Thank you!


Is your ringer on?
If it’s not sound won’t work.


Oh it was at a really low volume. I changed it and the sound works now! Thanks!! :))