Hopscotch User Project Features!


I'm going to start a little thing where people select projects they think are note worthy and put them here! Think of this as a custom Featured list!

- Don't delete anyone's features!
- Make sure it's really good! A crew (including me) will moderate the Features
- No inappropiate content (politics I will accept as long as it doesn't attack anyone's ideas in an extreme idea)

Google Doc is up! Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11Yncw7Ka00KSxgP8GG5SgaRVXnI-DEdcwPGh4M40UqE/edit?usp=docslist_api

Our crew:



At first I thought you meant don't delete anyone's real Features….
Because I failed at that.
WolfCustomizer 0.3.4 by Pegasus​:comet:
^ if someone overrides my edit


Can I be part of this @MobCraft?


Derp! Sorry! :sweat_smile:


Yup! Anyone can add a Feature!

Btw if you want to join crew then yes


May I be part of da crew?


I can Jin the crew, if it's okay if I'm a little busy @MobCraft.