Hopscotch User and User History School!


So, I know about the other ones.

But this is based on @Anonymous's classes, because they are serious and teach people things.

This will be modeled off of his. I will have 5 students, and you will be expected to take notes and do homework.

I will take this seriously, if you are accepted, you must participate with homework, etc.

The class will be about Hospcotch users, and their projects and effects on the community.

If you would like to join, fill out this form:

Age (Or age group.):
Why would you like to join?

If you have any questions, ask! :D


So by this, do you mean like the impact different Hopscotchers have made? For example, smooth backgrounds. Or just complete history?

I can't join due to SSATs :-;


Both! The general history of Hopscotch, and the users, and what they've done! :D


Age (Or age group.): 10 (about to be 11! :D)
Username: Funny_in_the_Sunny
Why would you like to join? Because, I need some help getting to know the community and learn how to make great eye grabbing projects. Not just remixing.


I would do this, but it has homework, and I don't think we should be doing homework on a coding app..

But good luck with it!


Not like real homework. Just answering questions! :D


Age: 6th grade, 12 years old
Username: Dude73 on both forum and HS
Why I would like to join: getting to know the community would be amazing. I only came to the forum in February, and HS in October, so this would be an amazing chance for me. I'll write more later, I have to go. ;-;


Aggressively pokes topic


Age: 11 just finished 5th grade
Username: Smiling Sunshine
I'd like to Join because I like learning about hopscotch and history! Hopscotch + history=AWESOMENESS


Age (Or age group.): 11 in 5th grade
Username: Kitkat26
Why would you like to join?
I want to learn a little more about the history of Hopscotch from a person who has joined a while back. I joined Hopscotch in Dec of 2015, and the Forum in Feb. I want to learn what users have done to make Hopscotch and the Forum, the place it is today.


Yes! I will do this!
I'm very on time with homework, and this seems like a good idea.


Could you please tell more about what we will be learning?


I'm 11, nearly 12.
My username is OnceUponATime​:cherries:
And I think this could be an intresting oppurtunity and could help me with certain things. Just warning you, I'm not the best coder, but I learn fast and I swear I will be dedicated to this.



So, one lesson could be focused on the Hopscotcher "CryingLaugh". I would first explain who he is, and what he did for the community. I could also ask questions about what innovative projects he has made, etc.

In a typical history unit, we would focus on what has happened in Hopscotch, and how it has shaped us today. We would study several "eras" of Hopscotch. :D


Cool! xD

I might not have time, studying for SSAT ;-;

:0 Is it a coincidence that SSAT sounds like "s-essay-t"? :0:000:0:0


Age (Or age group.): 12
Username: LittleFox
Why would you like to join? I would like to join for a few reasons. First of all, I'm not really known on hopscotch for anything other than art. And this class sounds interesting! With the knowledge of the affects of projects on the community, Id, then be able to create some very interesting and great games. And that's a goal of mine, to get better at coding, and to make something worth the time of other hops to play. Also, I have always admired your projects, and they have definitely had big affects on the community, you would be amazing teacher. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Soz can't do too many exams to be able to committee to homework


Age (Or age group.):I'm in middle school.(Sorry, I'm a little touchy on personal info)
Why would you like to join?In real school, history is one of my favorite subjects. I've been on Hopscotch since 2014, but I don't really know much about the users back then. And, like @Malie said, if I know the affects of projects, it might help me improve mine. Finally, I really admire your projects, you would be a great teacher.


Age: 11! And I'm going to middle school after summer!
Username: Dancing Lollipop!
Why would you like to join? I have been here since 2014, but that was only at school and I never had the chance to really explore projects until I got my iPad in 2015! I would really like to know about the legendary hopscotchers from back then! I also want to see what projects they made, and how I can improve mine so they make a big impact also. :D


Okay! I think I may only need one more member; I already have 3 picked, and 4 would be fine!

Anyone else? :D