Hopscotch update riddle



I made a riddle about the Hopscotch update!

Tell the answer in a remix, or try guessing it here!


Links are so hard to get in the update. :sweat_smile:


Links don't work right now ;-;

But I saw it! :D
I'll think about it!


Yeah.....they don't. BTW can you read my bio guys?


Aww, thank you! @BerryFOX :D


Your welcome! You deserve it!


Thanks! And cool bio, by the way!


I added you to my bio too!
warning: beware my bio is really long XD


Thanks! I added you guys in it!


Can I guess as much as I want?


Yay! Did you notice your the FIRST ONE on mine??


Yes C:


Because your so nice! And a very good hopscotcher and friend!! C:


Thank you!
:D @BerryFOX!


Im going on the hopscotch app now to do some "important buissness"



You can guess until you get it right.


Nice bio


Thank you! :D


The < thing didn't work.

You need to use letters. :slight_smile:

Can we please get back on topic? This discussion is Turing into bio discussion, which just gave me an idea for a topic! :smiley:


The riddle is:

There is one downside about the update, but some see it as a good side.
Can you guess it?




The answer is easy, but hard. :stuck_out_tongue: