~Hopscotch Update Ideas!~



Hey, everyone.
I've been thinking about this for a while.
Maybe we could have cloud Values and also Lists and Cloud Lists!
This would be good for survey projects and games with highscores.
Here's a poll:

  • I think this feature would be good
  • I think this feature wouldn't be a good idea



What do you mean "cloud values"


Values that are stored on the server and they stay the same until the project changes them


He/she means that it could be saved a to the Hopscotch server as a variable. So say you wanted to make a high score program. You would need to make it go higher once th score is higher than the high score, so it would save it so everyone could see it!


Oh, thanks! That's a really cool idea! And it shows who got it?!


You could make a high score list with cloud lists if The Hopscotch Team added a feature to be able to save the name of the hopscotcher who is playing the project.