Hopscotch Update Considerations... (Please Look)


(Ranked 1-10)
1. Edit game after published!!!
2. Game description
3. Comment section


Great ideas.

@Qubertion, a comment section of another kind comes to mind. It would be nice if the people who download and play and "like" a game or other hopscotch project could express their thoughts and improvement ideas in little reviews dedicated to that specific piece of code.


@oio - Mhm, I see what you mean. Sometimes comment sections can get out of control sometimes.


Good idea, @Qubertion! but you should search before you make a topic, Here it is.


@DrDuctape, that doesn't mean that I can't make my update considerations aswell.


If we added a comment section there should be a "report comment" section so people can't say innopropriate things


good point, but the hopscotch team wants the forum neat.