Hopscotch unused characters!



do you see anything weird?
like pumpkin girl? or standing parrot? those are unused poses and costumes!(and even characters!)


I think those characters might've been some characters that were supposed to be in a random update, but they decided to cancel the update, and a few beta testers still have screenshots of it and showed it to others


no, it was the creator of the character's pictures


Ok, now I get it. And your right that some of these characters seen weird, because I never saw any tiger or crocodile character in hopscotch


maybe someday... we could have a walking parrot.


And what if they are bringing back the Halloween characters from last year? I could happen


These screenshots are from the website of the person who designed the Hopscotch characters. She submitted all of these and hopscotch accepted a few of them to actually be in the game.

But, I would love to see these added!


Yes I wish they brought in the tiger it looks awesome


One is old cosmic Cody. I know this because people mention it all the time.