Hopscotch Tycoon 0.1.1 (MADE WITH SCRATCH)


I am making a hopscotch tycoon type game on scratch. Giving link soon, plz wait
So far it is in the earliest stage, with very minimal gameplay. It does have save and load, credit to LinxInc for that.

When you wish to save your game, press the save button. The code above the H (For example, -157;8;) will change. Write that down somewhere. Next time you want to load your game, press load, and then type in that code. NOTE : Whenever you save, the code will change.


-Made first version of the game, minimal available gameplay.
-Fixed starting likes bug
-Remade interface

To Do

idk plz give ideas

If you notice a bug or have a suggestion, please tell me here or comment on the project page.
If you are interested with contributing, tell me. I am always open to possible new layouts or artwork.


No... Flash... Player...

Looks awesome from the thumbnail. ;-;


I understand your suffering. Lack of flash player is very annoying.


time to make a scratch clicker from hopscotch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
i'm not interested in scratch anymore


If you guys could mess with the save and load, plz do so. I want to make sure I fix any problems with saving values.


I'm going to take what I have and start turning it into an HS tycoon style game. That has more possiblities and seems more fun to make.


Try using http://phosphorus.github.io, a Scratch to JavaScript little thing. Then you can view the cool project!