Hopscotch trails appearing outside Hopscotch App


Your username: Creations of a Noob

What kind of device are you using?: iPad PRO, iOS 10.3.3, Hopscotch latest beta

2 sentence description of the problem:
I was working on a project in which, when played, drawed trails where flickering. When I pressed the home button, the same flickering “picture” was vaguely flickering on the home screen too.

I haven’t tried to replicate the bug.

I expected this to happen:
I didn’t expect anything unusual to happen.

But instead this happened:
The home screen had a vague “ghost picture” of the trails that had been in the Hopscotch project.

This has happened several times, with the same project.


Sometimes, I’m on YouTube and I have this bug.


Yes! I have this bug too!!! It shows up whenever I have a dark screen on


Yep. This is a fault with iPads I believe. Sometimes, when I open the hopscotch app, front screen (black with the rainbow logo) vaguely appears as translucent through my profile page.

This also happens to me when I leave the hopscotch app. If I go into safari I will also see a translucent image of the last image I saw on hopscotch. However, yours is flickering and that is quite unusual.


This is really weird! I have not experienced something like this before but I will let you know that if it does happen.


Ok so this I believe happens on any device even tvs. If u pause something long enough the image kinda gets copied onto the screen and it eventually goes away.


That’s not the case. Here, the “ghost image” is flickering, and the Hopscotch project wasn’t open for long.