Hopscotch Trail Contest 2!


Ok so you might have seen the first Trail contest, but this one is different. I WILL SEND A IMAGE OF SOMETHING AND YOU GUYS HAVE TO RECREATE IT:) ( I wanted to make sure you guys saw the rules so I used Cap Lock:) @OMTL


Recreate it using either trail art or Pixel Art


Anybody could join, right? :smile:


Yeah, of course:) I have already made a first so this is the second one


I am Going to wait for at least 3 people to Start


Hey @WaterFlame Could you help me get more people to Join? Sorry for asking :slight_smile:


Happy to help, friend.


Thank you:) @WaterFlame


Tag the OMTL in the first post. Type in @OMTL


@FearlessPhoenix are you going to Join?




Why not there is Prizes and fun/)


Go look at the First one and see if you like the concept/ Topic


Ok, I understand @FearlessPhoenix


K. Thanks. Don't have time. Sorry.


Ok let's start!!!!!!:slight_smile:



Make this it doesn't have to be too accurate


Just make some type of building of Trail or Pixel Art


Oh jeez okay when is this due?