Hopscotch Trail Art Contest


Hey Guys!!! I am kinda bored so I made this, send in the best trail art you have made. I will see which is the best and will give 10 likes and a nomination:D Ends Tomorrow, Pixel art is fine too:) Go!!!



Great trail art:) You are currently in first:D


@SkyFrost can I enter multiple times, or should I just pick my best one?


Sure, can enter as many times as you want :slight_smile:


Hmmmm.... I guess I should have made some rules, but too late now :thinking:


Okay here are my entries

Ok, that's all. I've made other trail arts, but I'm only entering those.


Evening landscape has taken the lead


@Petrichor you can Enter more


Here are my entries -


I was bored


Kay Kat is still in the lead, but those are pretty good WynterDiamond :+1:


Thank you :wink:
I'm going to do some more now


Here is a trail art that I just made -


When are they due?


Tomorrow, I believe.


Okay. Could someone search through my account and choose my best trail art for me.


I'll look -- is it the same as your forum Username?
Edit- found it!


Okay @svmaddy26, these were my favorites -
(You can enter multiple pieces, so I chose three)


Thanks! Those were my favorite ones too.
Edit:the cookie and donut one was my first ever trail art.