Hopscotch trading center!



So, in this topic you trade. Maybe you want a follow from dmfgames, but dmfgames want 5 likes in return. Or you could do it with requests. That way you won't get an overload of follow requests that you don't want to accept, ect.
No fighting

Don't be demanding

You can request nominations, but anyone can decline them. But no follow for follow or 10 likes for ten likes, ect.

And the usual.

Tell me if this a bad idea, and I'll recycle! :D


I'll trade with WnchantedAnimallover XD :000


I want to trade with diss_track_queen


y did u replied to me lol


I want to trade with @EnchantedHopscotcher


Oh did I my mistake (this time I am Repling to you)


If you don't want to trade with anyone, tell me so I can add it to rules.


k trade what for?


You follow me for a follow in return!


What's ur Hopscotch username?

I need to check ur profile :DD




Alright, thanks. I'm sorry, but I can't do that.

Your latest project is an RP, and it was really hard for me to scroll through your profile to find an original project of yours.

Come back to me when you only do art or coding. :DD

Your art is amazing, by the way! c:


Follow for follow isn't a very great thing. People earn follows, not just trade them just to get a follow without working hard for it.


Well this is a trade center so they can trade what they want(not to be rude)


@KayKay and @ValueGamesStudio please don't argue or go against each other.

We don't want a flame war starting up :0


This is a cool topic!

Hmm.....who should I trade with...


I know this is of topic but can hopscotch add a place so we know how much followers we have and who did so we know if they did follow you just saying


Yeah! I've always wondered that too.


So sorry I was not trying to be rude I was just telling her something please don't hate me I hope I proved my self worthy​:pensive:


Does someone want to trade?