Hopscotch tournament! Starting April 16 at 4:00 west [colsed to busy to do]



Well @AHappyCoder inspired me to do this. Well, I tink its not fair that he only picked 4 people so I'm going to do that but, with 10 people. I'm one of them. The rules are no cheating, play fair and cooperate, and last but not least ( THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT ) HAVE FUN! And smile!
Other ( tell me what other )
@OnceUponATime : art
@tankt2016 : art
@KawaiiAnimeLuver : art
@DancingPineapples1 : games
@ColourfulBlack : art
@Deadfr games and art!
@Sugarisyummy : music
@KarmicSans618 :games
And @EnchantedAnimallover: games


wondering...what is this...


It's a tournament just for fun! @ColourfulBlack


cool! I think this would be super fun.


Can you do it:


So, do you want to do it.


sure, why not. It sounds interesting anyways.


I am already in March madness, sorry.


This sounds cool! Unfortunately, I am going to have to pass on this, as I am very busy. :slight_smile:


Ok pick a theme you want to do!


art, def. I'm waaaaaaaay better at art then coding.


I'd love to! But my decision on whether to do it or not is based on
- how often the projects are due
- how often you want projects
- and... Yeah....

But I'd love to! I'll say as soon as you give that info!


Ok I will add you to the list!


Sorry, I am a but busy right now


THX! this is gonna be great!


The projects are due in 3 days. And it will be coming down so people who art doing art I and the other things some people will have to leave but they get a follower for trying and can still do the challenges. It starts when I get the contestants.


Tag lists like that (other than the friendly one) aren't allowed, sorry.


Sorry I didn't know!


Then sorry! I don't want to participate. I won't have the time for three day deadlines.


uh......waz a tournament? @Silver_girl @PandaBlossom @Bananadog