Hopscotch Tongue Twisters!



I have a Hopscotch game. So you come up with a Hopscotch time twister. Make sure it's Hopscotch related! Challenge others to do it!
Here is mine!
Hopscotch Hates Haters


Say "Hopscotch equals Awesome" 5 times and really fast.


A hopspctch outdoor game is a hopscotch Proggraming though it's like the street game hopscotch is always going to be like hopscocth the street game becuase it's called hopscocth for a reason say that 2 times fast!


Lol you misspelled it a lot



I hate it!


Hopscotch don't copy copycats ( say that 5 times realy fast )


Say hopscocth hopscotch hopscotch 10 times fast!


Say Lopscotch Hopscotch Mopscotch really fast 5 times


Program the Program in the Programming app all about program

(Say that 5 times fast)


Say "quick coding" super fast