Hopscotch Titles



Today, I'm going to try out something.
Lots of people are saying what they are feeling, and it's deep.
But, let's put those into tiles.
What I'm saying is,
Ex: My name in Funny_in_the_Sunny​:four_leaf_clover: On Hopscoctch, and right now, I'm fearful. So my name right now would be Funny_in_the_Sunny​:four_leaf_clover:(Fearful).
So, I want this to go throughout Hopscotch to show people what people fell, and gives them a taste of why cyber-bullying is very wrong.
So what I'm saying is, why don't you put your feeling at the end of your Hopscotch name, and help me decrease cyber-bullying.


Hmm, wonder if anyone read this?


Google says:

Did you mean: Hopscotch Titles?
Basically he saying that if I could change your topic title due to a spelling error.

But just because I'm here, I'll contribute as well...

CV Studios (Bored and Busy)


Deadfr(angry & bored)


A Happy Coder (Happy, as always)


SmileyAlyssa​:blush:(Smiling & Happy!)


Giraffedolphin26 :dolphin: (Anxious, stressed, feels as if she might have an anxiety attack soon)


Dude73(always happy)


SnowGirl Studios (Hides behind a fake smile)


Kitakt26 (tired and organized)


Fun_in_the_Sun(tired and weird)


AmiiboTrash(Internally dieing.)


Dude73 (misses a friend)
I am still happy though! There is always something to be happy about. :smile:


I'm sorry you miss a friend. My best fried, GlitterGirl000, moved. I felt like I was missing a core part.
LazyLizard (bored and grounded)