Hopscotch Time Capsules


This is a Hopscotch Time capsule! This is kinda like @Bubbles4Ever929's topic, except, this is for Hopscotch! Here is the list:
- Your Username
- Your grade
- Your best project/s
- Your friend/s
- How long will you be doing it?
- And, The date!
Save this in your drafts, then in at least 1 month, you can even do a year, publish that, then publish after that, what is difference. Don't forget to fill out the form on here so people can know what is going to go on there! And post when your time is up!


Kissy Face Dash and Pixel Art
@MYD @SmileyAlyssa @Fun_in_the_Sun @Bubbles4Ever929 @PercyJackson9
Thursday April 21, 2016
I will be doing this every other month.


Oops, forgot to:
- How long will you be doing it?


Sign out, Pixel Master 64, Fun Time Wormy, MrHotdog64
At least 2 years
April 21, 2016


Good job to the both of you!


I'm working on one but apart from that probably my Future Generator
UndertaleTacoz, Smileyalyssa, starrycat, snowgirlstudios, enchantedanimallover
2 months minimum
23rd April, 2016
Also, what is this about?


It is about, have much we progressed in coding.


Cool! Am I in?


Thanks! I think this is a good idea!


This is not a Collab...
It is a time capsule.


Yeah I know


Why was I tagged again?


@Kitkat26 said you were her/his friend


Your Username SmileyAlyssa​:blush:
Your grade 6/7
Your best project/s https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xoyj1en4m
Your friend/s Neon Cleats, Kelsey​:yum:
How long will you be doing it? Dunno whenever I feel like coming back!
And, The date! April something 2016


I :heart: THAT IDEA! :scream:


It's the 23 of April.


Okay!!! Yeah @Kitkat26


My username is OnceUponATime​:cherries:
My grade? Sixth :3
My best project is probably my DotTouch, but i'm also quite proud of the LGBT collab the LGBT club members are working on
My friends in hopscotch are friendship2468, Cat105, Mystic_Woods, and GeminiCode! (Also BetaPheonix and meow x meow, but they're on a different sprt of level of friend....)
The time capsule? Maybe for a few months...
The date is saturday, april 23rd, 2016!
(6 days until my birthday! EeEeeEeeK!)


- Your Username WinningMonkey
- Your grade I'm Year 9 (Don't Know Grades)
- Your best project/s Not Sure
- Your friend/s AHappyCoder, Stampysfan
- How long will you be doing it? A While :nerd:
- And, The date! Sunday 24 April 2016


Bumping this up!