Hopscotch thumbnails are not showing


Have you ever wanted to code something, but you cant?
Well anyways its not just thumbnails, its drafts.

Heres a picture showing what is going on, plus my profile picture is not showing. And yes my hopscotch is updated, this has been going on for a while, I deleted and reinstalled forever now. Its annoying, I want to make hopscotch projects.


Do you know whats going on?


It might be because of your internet. Try checking it first.:slight_smile:


Who is lisa?


Typo sorry :sweat_smile:


In other words, im not on my ipad right now... but safari is working.


Well, hello, bridge
Is that your name?



I did it as a joke and forgot to change it.


Liza is one of the workers on HS :wink:


^^^was my old profile picture ey


It does seems more like an internet connection problem more than a Hopscotch problem. Nevertheless, can you try loading content from other apps?


Internet connection...or sometimes it takes a long time to load..that's what happen to mah


Yes, everything else works.


Try shutting your iPad


Does anyone know what's going on?