Hopscotch themed parcc


Hi, so it's time for the PARCC tests can we make a game on it
Please do here's a practice test


Not everyone takes the PARCC tests, so some people might not join. For me, personally, the tests are so boring that I don't even want to take them, much less try to make a game out of them :sweat_smile:. But, good luck, and hope it goes well!

For those who don't know, PARCC is a common core standardized test utilized by many states in the United States.


Yeah I know this is for the people who are....
Leaders close this


Ooh! A Hopscotch-themed PARCC! Awesome!!! :smiley:


Can you help


Sure! :slight_smile:

I'll be offline a lot, though. Half of my days, I don't have internet. :\


I think I do PARCC

But right now I have to do Maps testing

Omg so boring