Hopscotch, the simple but soon to be outlived app


This is my first time here in a bit, I feel like Hopscotch doesn't resonate with me at all. It's just that, it's too simple. Simple isn't bad, but simple will always be outlived by others. Look at for example Minecraft. A good game, simple, but it's dying as a whole with more apps and games just dumping it to the floor. I guess you could say Hopscotch is the first stage of coding, and I would like to move on with coding. There is a reason why I haven't published anything for 10 weeks, and it's that Hopscotch seems so stale, and the forum is the only light from the dark place. I hope Hopscotch releases like an advanced mode, or something for more freedom to allow new levels of code to be publish. I also think that being child-friendly forever isn't the best way, but that's really not important. I think Hopscotch should just be independent and not always rely on schools for 90% of their user base. Do you realize how unstable and ridiculous that is? If Hopscotch went independent and also could move from mobile to PC and such, it was certainly succeed. Apple is one of the scummy campaniles with so many restrictions on their phone, and how expensive they are. Hopscotch should open up, and I know @Rawrbear is working on a Hopscotch project on the computer (I think) Thisnis awful commercial business and you can't rely on in-app purchases and people who just leave after a year or two from school.

Also one more thing, stop your weird girls can code thingy, focusing on a specific gender, making them look like girls could never code in the first place is really one of the most things I hate. Genders don't matter in code but really your trying to imply that.

Feel free to disagree, anime


Please @Razor hopscotch is supposed to be simple and creative, it makes coding fun not a stress.
And about the "code like a girl thing" that was created to show society that girls can code!


I mean... wasn't the "code like a girl" thing a main reason Hopscotch was made? ._.

They wouldn't have it as an option on their merch if it didn't have a purpose.




Then the whole idea is flawed, your acting like the thing was made in perfect succession


That is not the best thing to say on a forum made for um... Hopscotch!!!


I'm criticizing how they portray their app, is that wrong


Well, that's the way society is, so if you want to blame someone blame them!


Well, there's a video about why hopscotch was made!!!


Yes, I saw the video and the whole main idea really is flawed. Females are stetortypical, but people make them seem like their so different from males. I'm a guy myself, and I find that some females have the exact same interests like I do, and can compete with me in those interests. If hopscotch really was just meant for girls, that would make it even worse.


I'm not sure where your getting your leads from, I'm not blaming anybody, just showing how advertising Hopscotch in that way by schools and girls isn't a healthy strategy to keep your app alive in any way


The idea is not flawed, it's an idea for goodness sake!!!
And guess what, loads of people loved it!!!!
The whole reason hopscotch was made was to make coding easier!!!!
And when you get to advanced for it you move on!


The app was not made sigh
You won't care anyway...


If you're getting the idea that Hopscotch was made for girls from this, you're missing the entire point. I'll look for a quote I think I remember seeing a staff member posting. I don't know if I'll post it, I don't want to get any further into this. But maybe.


I know what you mean, hopscotch started with girls and coding but it's not really that.


I agree with Artsy hopscotch is amazing and you should realise that, if you don't like it delete it, don't make offending posts


Thanks for the support dolphy :3


Hey Artsy can show me the video -like upload it please XD

Razor just remove your posts they are really mean and offending,


What video?

Yes, please razor


Also, would you like to code minecraft, from scratch!?!