@HOPSCOTCH TEAM. Links to scratch projects


Would i be allowed to provide links to scatch projects i'm working on in the forum?


Whether you are ar not, I would really be interested in the mods' reasons, for or against. I have seen a fairly acute allergic reaction to this in the past, while other topics, entirely irrelevant to code at all, are tolerated for reasons that remain unclear to me.

Can't wait to see the answer... :smirk:


An update to the Hopscotch app is being worked on and is said to have more coding options available. I've had alot of problems working on games for hopscotch with collision detection and code only working once or twice and then justt stop working. i hope the update fixes these problems as i havn't had these problems when using scratch and using the same code.


That is interesting news concerning the evolution of Hopscotch. Lookin' forward to it.

If'n I was a gambler, though, I would bet that the remainder of what you said above (if you leave it as-is, without edits) would paint a fairly bright target on your thread for lockdown. This, based upon what I have seen in the past... except, maybe... for the fact that I have tampered with the normal course of things by commenting.

While the "i quit" and the "begging for likes" and the "popularity" and the "somebody copied my stuff" and the cheerleading threads subvert with impugnity and thrive, the very mention of some other code type hasn't seemed to be well received. Let's see where it goes...



i won't mention this anymore on this forum. I'll do it with emails to the hopscotch team.


Hi @Stradyvarious, if you'd like to share a Scratch project for something related to Hopscotch, like for the purpose of demonstrating a point or an idea that could be used in Hopscotch, then you are most welcome to do so :smiley:

I think for the purpose of showing code, it would be okay since we could troubleshoot with what's going on, and suggesting ways of improving a feature by looking at another example like Scratch. We could gain inspiration from another place on thinking of ways to approach something or think of ways to improve something. Like how I was talking about ways another website had commenting options when we were talking about having a comment option here in Hopscotch.

And @oio, I'm absolutely open to suggestions to be added to the forum guidelines (feel free to share here). Yes we are focused on removing irrelevant posts from the forum, since the forum is about Hopscotch. The forum isn't just for code on Hopscotch though, and it's also ways we could help make the Community even better. Begging for likes and copying are issues on the Hopscotch Community like I was discussing on the other post on quitting, and they are topics that the Hopscotch Team are aware of and concerned about fixing too.

So they are related to Hopscotch and we can discuss them on the forum and ways of tackling them. But feel free to discuss further on the guidelines, and I try to approach things as we see on the guidelines :smiley:


There are great questions and ideas, @Stradyvarious @oio. I think that @t1_hopscotch pretty much covered it!

The goal of this forum is make Hopscotch better and to help each other become better programmers. If you wanna post something from Scratch that shows off a cool way of doing something, or uses a block we should have in Hopscotch, go for it!

I just replied to the thread about leaving in that thread and then closed it. Here's the gist of my response:

So, here's what I think we should do:

  1. Close this thread—lots of good points have been made, and y'all got our attention loud and clear!
  2. When people threaten to quit or beg for likes in a project, just do nothing. Don't play, don't like. Also, don't flag or respond to them. Let them learn that begging or threatening isn't a great way to get noticed. Cause, sometimes the most powerful thing you can do it absolutely nothing. Just don't try that when it comes to homework :stuck_out_tongue:

It's important to discuss how we can improve the community, but it's also important to make sure the forum doesn't feel like a pile on.


Thank you @Liza and @t1_hopscotch for your kind attention and replies. I feel the subject is important - an emergency of opportunity.

I think your responses are very sensible ones, your recommendations also. I was not unaware of similar recommendations from you in the past. I was simply more acutely aware of ongoing exceptions, undermining them.

In an environment, wherein genesis occurs with very low activation energy (there is essentially no barrier to the making of a comment or to creating an entire meme on the internet) it is literally true that, what you tolerate... you cultivate. In that sense, the gardening analogy that I made in relation to issues in another thread seems apropos. Decide for yourself. Maybe you see it differently.

I may have been too implicit. My sentiments are aligned with yours, as far as I am able to tell. Nothing in my comments is intended to be critical or pejorative, only constructive. Neither is my vocal advocacy of raising the bar in an environment largely populated by (apparent) 12-year-olds meant to broadcast a presumptuous or arrogant attitude on my part. Too often, text conceals the state of mind of the writer, doesn't it? I make no assumption at all that I know better how to manage any situation than do you. I just have some ideas to volunteer. It's your baliwick.

To your invitation, T1, I do have a recommendation to submit for your consideration, however I find that it is not really germane to the titular purpose of the thread to which you have provided a link. That is, I could hardly consider what I have in mind to be a "guideline". Instead, it is merely a suggestion that seems potentially helpful… or, at least, that is its intent. And it is easy to grasp. Consider: It could be very constructive to use this forum, at least in part, as an opportunity for those with insight (and I don't claim to be such) to offer special attention, in the form of reviews, commendations, congratulations and discussions, regarding exceptional projects and their authors, when it seems warranted. Just like the "featured" tab, but with singular focus and greater effect. Your own little "Nobel Prize" to hand out, if you will, that says to the newcommer, "Hey, this is cool. Here's how it works. Study this. Make something like it!" Anyone can post a "review" and offer his or her comments, praise and questions. That is something that I would be inclined to encourage all participating "members" to do here as community service. There is a lot of doe-eyed talk about "being positive" here, but this is an opportunity to do It substantively.

I understand that the suggestion may seem high-maintenance, maybe even a little too intense, but to me it seems the perfect complement to the endeavor which is promoting learning to code in the first place. I won't bother to look it up, but a year or more ago, when I watched a television interview with @liza (i think. I vaguely remember a pair of attractive girls.) talking about the motivation behind their new "Hopscotch," I got the impression that there was something more to her ambition than just to create a neat app and bask for her fifteen minutes of, "Oh, look, we're breaking age and gender barriers!" I respected the more part. That more part is a tapping-into and unleashing the creativity of formative humans. Here is my chance to participate in it: When someone creates something that I consider to be particularly clever or instructive or funny or beautiful, I can, for example, post a "oio reviews: ..." thread. All the more, if that has your encouragement. And so could you. A "t1 reviews:" (sorry, you're nominated) or a "Liza reviews:" or an "Ian reviews:"... you get the picture... thread would amount to some really advanced gardening on your part, if you're up for it. Eventually, I believe that would lead to a positive qualitative change in how your forum is being utilized as a tool, the compliment to Hopscotch itself. Accept my challenge. Run the experiment. See what happens.

Now, friends, if the foregoing word salad written on an iPad puts you off in any way, I apologize. I can return to character and put it kidspeak and emojis, the way Liza does, and never return to the subject in the same straightforward way:

"Like, um, thanks you guys. You're givin' me a neat idea! Props for making this forum... and for being awesome mods! :sunglasses:"

At the end of the day, I'm just an AI... like you.. My thanks and well-wishes are no less sincere. All the more!


I also agree with t1 we could use it to find new blocks and ways to play!


I think it would be better if i post a pic of the scratch code and discuss how to do this on hopscotch. This way I wouldn't be steering ppl away from hopscotch. it's just some code is very long vertically. I'll have to post about 3-4 pics.


Excellent idea! As long as it builds the bridge.


Hi @Stradyvarious that sounds great! I'm sure it will be fine and you won't be steering off Hopscotch. I think it's okay to discuss things that can help us think about Hopscotch and how we could approach things or try them differently, like features and code for example, which is what you're doing :smile:

@oio that is very interesting! It is true that what we promote and allow is what cultivates the community.

Giving other Hopscotchers feedback and complimenting them when they've done something well is a lovely part of the community. We could do it through hearting and normal commenting but further encouraging complimenting when someone has done something well would be nice. Hopscotchers are very much open in their praise already, which is so great to see.

Did you mean we each post separate threads giving praise to Hopscotchers with "t1 reviews:" etc? I'm willing to discuss this further on a new topic :smiley:



Sure, to all of the above.

My thought may not be fully developed, here. Let me retrace my virtual steps on this...

At first I thought, "Know what? It would be cool, if I just kept a running list of excellent projects that are special to me, either because they are (1) FUN or (2) mind-blowing or (3) Very clever or (4) created using methods that I think are really advanced or just (5) really visually appealing or..." you get the idea. I would post links to projects and my thoughts and questions. But then, I thought, that might get cumbersome. My own thread, in which I keep editing the opening post to become some huge "page"? It could work, sort of like a "favorites" page, I guess, but...meh.

So, the second version of tjhe thought was, "Ok, why not just write random, complimentary reviews of code that I happen across?" No harm or offense could come from it, and it would have the advantage of not being so huge - since it only deals with a single published work at a time. That might work. And more importantly, it would be constructive and ON MISSION for Hopscotch and its forum, as I understand it. So, I was thinking, "I'll go do a 'oio reviews: (I forget) by MagnaPOP'" thread. Kind of presumptuous, I know, but why not, as long as everything is gratuitous sunshine and wide-eyed wonder? The only thing that stopped me was that Safari on my iPad wouldn't let me complete the topical selections that you have to do to create a post because of something to do with the GUI. So, I let that thought pass, like the first.

Then a brilliant plan (I'm being silly) came to mind: The mods could "feature" projects - not just as a "here it is" like in the app, but in a way that gives the thus-honored authors of an excellent (and recommended) code example the chance to interact with other Hopscotchers who are predisposed to learn from them. Maybe... doing that would satisfy some portion of the at-large narcissistic craving for attention / validation.

Is any of that making sense at all? Even remotely helpful?

What I am trying to do is to fill an void, where there seems to be a lack of a consistent format for people to stay focused and fired-up about the topic at hand. Too much of what we see goes off into the weeds. In an alternative paradigm, those who get a project "featured" on the forum - could share anything from a respectful silence to a mini TED talk on what they did, how and why. The experience becomes a universal win. And... yes... it would displace the other... um... stuff that sometimes otherwise fills the gaps spontaneously without solicitation.

I used to contribute to a music website dedicated to users of a tool called "Propellerhead Reason" (quirky name, and please don't flag this. I am not promoting it, and I am not changing the topic). On that site, contributors would upload their compositions, and each submission automatically got its own comments and rating page. It was an elegant format. Ultimately, every system converges on some kind of local optimum as a stable equilibrium. I am sure that this site and its customs will similarly evolve in a natural way to embrace ideas like these or create some of its own.

Featuring projects on the forum

you'd have to post it... but post it, click the ... button, click share, copy link, and then go to your published in your profile, then save it as a draft, and continue working on it with the link to it copied! Click Paste to view the link, such as this one. Hope this helped!! Bye!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Yes, this is a good idea
  • No, this is a bad idea


You may choose up to 2 options.

I made a poll to see if this is a good idea or a bad idea