Hopscotch team FAQ, fake hopscotch team?



so i was browsing the trending today, and found something weirder than the normal trending-begger.

this is a serious issue.
i checked the official account, and no signs of "The Hopscotch Team FAQ" being real.


Wow, Never seen somthin like this before. @Liza? @Asha? @everyone? @system XD
First a 100,000,000 Followers scam, Fake Choco la la la la, and now this!?


Many people try to copy THT just report there projects and move on!:slight_smile:

This is the best way to deal with it instead of drawing attention to it.:wink:


I think THT made the account.


I don't think this is real because they already answer questions on their main acc. @liza @rodrigo, is this real?
Sorry I'm I'm wrong :wink:


I really dunno if this account is fake or not…


FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are where there is a list of questions, and there are answers given to those questions already.

But this is where you ask a question and then they'll reply soon after.. more like a Q&A or AMA right?

It's probably nothing important, just that it seemed a little bit odd to me:)


Does THT check the forums on the weekends?


But how did it get near the top of trending with only nine likes?


Just ask who the members of the THT are and what their HS accounts are. For a fact, I know all of them. >:)


THT might not see this topic until Monday because they are off on the weekends so tagging them might not be that useful! :slight_smile:


I think reporting is a bit harsh, it is really just harmless :D


because of TRENDING MAGIC!


I know there fake
Today I looked on the account and they had no projects
THT deleted them so they're fake