Hopscotch Team Appreciation Week!



The Hopscotch Team works really hard to give us these amazing updates, so I thought--why don't we give them some appreciation and show them how much they mean to us? They've been receiving a lot of negative feedback because of new updates, and we shouldn't be rude to them! Look at how much they've done for us! So...
This week, we make projects to show THT how much we appreciate them! Title the project # THTAppreciationDay (without the space!) Have fun, and be sure to post a link to your project here!

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I like this idea! THT deserves lots of appreciation. :D


Oh yeah

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this is a great idea!!!

Idk what to make though


I'm not so sure what to make, but I will try! This is an amazing idea!


Ideas for people who don't have ideas
Edit this and put some ideas below the line!

A "thank you" trail art
Virtual thank you card
Donate money! And card
A hopscotch movie!
@KVJ @KoolM123 @Niftynia75


Nope sorry. I'm not a Leader :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe ask @SmilingSnowflakes or @Mathgirl


I'm going to nominate you for leader.


THT really deserves all the appreciation for making this app a success! :smiley:


No thanks lol… too many times has that happened…

German grammar for the win eh @Candycane ^ ?


You deserve leader!


So who's making a project?

  • Me!
  • Not me!
  • Not me, but this is a great idea!
  • Me, this is a great idea!


Votes are public.

If you need ideas, be sure to look at my last post!
Be sure to tell your friends about this! We want to get as many people involved as possible!


shakes head in woe



You have been nominated!


@Maltese I need those eyes' emoticon now… σ_σ


You really deserve leader! :wink:
But let's try to stay on topic guys!


Thanks and yes. Let's GBOT!

I'm probs gonna make a trail art thing


Hey, um, since you're pretty well known, could you maybe announce this on your profile? If you do, please give a link to this topic! :blush: Thanks!


1. I'm not lol
2. My bio?
3. Probably not since I can't get on my iPad yet… sorry!