Hopscotch t-shirts?



Hey @staff I have a cool idea what if we were to have hopscptch shirts that you can buy at stores! I would tottaly buy one it would be fun! Also do you know any tailors to make them? Thanks from the fluffy bear!


You mean tailors, don't you? Well, I sew, but I don't really have t-shirt fabric. And, I'm just a beginner. But this is an amazing idea! :thumbsup:


We can code some in hopscotch too! That would be fun. :blush:


Thanks a lot and I edited!


Yeah so like code some and show them to the hopscocth team and they can make them real maybe!


You could just buy a plain shirt with the color of your choice and color the Hopscotch logo on it with fabric markers! : D


We should take requests for coded (or I can draw them) t-shirts. It should be a club sort of thing. :smiley:


Unless your not that good at drawing. Then I don't know what to say.


Hey y u no listen to me


Oh my goodness

You are the fastest liker @Huggingfluffybear


Sorry I was doing something but yeah maybe but I think pre made would be more fun!


Premised? What do you mean?
And it's ok!


I know @JaggedJeans I am fast!


oops I meent pre Made!


Who can like the next post first? EDIT: I succeeded!


Pre made like in coding or drawing?


Like as in store bought!


We should search for "Hopscotch t-shirts".


Oh, yeah.

(BLAHHHH 2020220202020)


They don't exsist sadly!