Hopscotch system not learning



The hopscotch system seems to be locking/taking down topics when it shouldn't of been.


It is doing that because of the flags, and sometimes it gets really anoying, sorry @Liza.


It does learn sometimes too.


I closed these topics where I saw that people were named as "suspected hackers". There's no way that we can guess who these people might be, and we're just going to hurt feelings if we guess.

I unlocked the topics but if we start pointing fingers again, we'll have to close them.


What if there's like UBER SOLID evidence someone is the hacker? Like their username fits all the clues, they liked projects which were talking to the other hacker about who to hack, they haven't published projects and they just started?


@Liza i found this as i was going through some projects


Don't hate me, but they work!
This is horrible!


@Liza delete this project now