😱🚨 Hopscotch Swag Center is here! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚



Here's da sweg topik




These shirts are awesome! How did I not see them until now?


Just asking, will this get you enough money to reduce the price of the subscription? Also, will you add other stuff to it?


It is? Is that allowed?


Not really. When you go to internet shops, most shirts cost around that much. It is the average price for t-shirts on web based shops.


I really hope my parents will let me get some! My school really supports Hopscotch so I think they would appreciate it. These souvenirs are a super amazing way to spread the love of coding all around the world.

Less of my friends use Hopscotch now, so I need to spread the love of Hopscotch!


@Meg : hopscotch tee-shirts are here!

You can get them if you don't live in The USA right?


The hopscotch shop is an amazing idea!
@Rodrigo Amazing designs! :smile:


We might add stuff to the store over time! And to answer your first question, we don't really make money from the tee shirts, so they probably won't have an impact on the subscription price. The majority of the shirt price just covers the cost of printing and shipping.


Yup, you can get them outside of the U.S.! You'll just pay international shipping, but I believe Threadless can ship anywhere.


Thank you, but it wasn't just my idea. :slight_smile:


Oh, ok! :D


Ah β€” you have to select "t-shirt" under style. Seems silly that they make you do that but then it works!


It seems slightly ironic that the "Code like a Girl" is availble under Men's


It's awesome for men to wear β€” shows that they support women :slight_smile:

Free hopscotch tee-shirt!?!? I'M IN!

The "Learn, Code, Share, Repeat" is my favorite

I'll just have to earn $20 now...


I love the design! I love the colors! I love the everything!
It's awesome :D


When you guys make more designs, can you add Robo? He's my favorite Hopscotch character.


I've got an idea!
A case with HS logo?...
That sounds awesome for me...
P.S. I know that's expensive :(