😱🚨 Hopscotch Swag Center is here! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚



no they aren't Sam is the only rad thing Sam is a rad caterpillar that may turn into a super rad moth soon


Awesome! They looks really cool! I think IΒ΄ll buy them!



Thank you guys sosososososososooooo much!

All of the shirts look awesome! It's great that you work so hard for this awesome app! (And platform!)


go partay
go partay
oh yeah
that's right
eat your egg salad sandwich
mmm mmm good


Maybe y'all could like get a stand at a street fair or something to get yourself known a little


That's a great idea.


Your getting more and more popular!

You should sell hats.

Those would be really cool


These are awesome! I love the designs!
Great work, @Rodrigo!


I like it too, and am going to ask my mom if I can buy it - love it because 1) The first coder, Ada Lovelace, was a girl (as @Rodrigo already said) and 2) I'm the only girl in my AIG class (academically and intellectually gifted), so I like showing off :laughing: Oh and, I'm too big for the kid's sizes, and it comes in [women's sizes, too.] It was working for me - just reload the page, maybe?(https://hopscotch.threadless.com/designs/03/womens/t-shirt?color=black&size=small)



I'll ask my parents if I can get one, but I probably can't; they barely ever buy things online. ;-;

If they say yes, I'm getting the "Learn, Code, Share, Repeat" one! :D

If I see anyone in a Hopscotch t-shirt... =D

EDIT: I can't get one. ;-;


Hey, I found how to get to woman's!

You have to go to menu, click woman's, then choose the design you want!


Oh thanks! I was going to the design, then clicking women's and the site would glitch out!


Yeah, me too!

Anyway, I bought one! :tada: :smiley: If you happen to spot me with my shirt say hi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wave:


How much was it
Money comes money goes people switch to funny rows


It's 20 U.S. dollars per shirt. :D


Woah dude that's expensive


how hopscotch gets moneyyyyyy:
subbies (that only give you pictures...)
shirts (thanks @rodrigo)


Yeah, it is a tad expensive for a t-shirt, but it covers designing, making, printing, and shipping of the shirt. :D


PS:that "learn code share" is a scratch ripoff


That's true tbh