😱🚨 Hopscotch Swag Center is here! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚



I'm a boy and I 1) designed that shirt 2) I've made workshops where I've taught just girls how to code 3) I'm gonna buy it.

Remember: girls were the original programmers :wink:


I think phone cases would be pretty cool, maybe with a coded-looking thing, but not just a cheap piece of plastic


What what looked like


I haz suggestion:
Have a shirt a golden person (the badge for leader) and have the caption "Everyone is a leader"?


This is. Really pretty phone case, just really cheap and my phone cracked a ton with it


I'm a girl and I 1) did not design it 2) have never taught a workshop for just girls 3) I'm too broke to buy it.


Well, they're fine for little kids. Ya know, that stage where girls get all girl power-y. For an older person.....nah


Wow this is sooooo cool!!

Buying one



Wow! You finally made shirts! :DD
They look awesome, I can't wait to buy one!!


Omg that is totally swag XD


Hai der


@Rodrigo Amazing job. I love the minimalist design. I might get one as a prize for a contest in my class. Are there plans for any more, or are these it?


I do think that phone cases would be cool too, that's one of our priorities I guess :thinking:


I like to think that this is the first batch. It's relatively easy to make more, you can send me a DM or an email for more specific suggestions.


Yeah. I suggest ones that have 1-2 "layers" and that go a little bit above the actual phone. Those are always the best


Can you guys make earbuds because my earbuds stink they never work and if you do I may buy them but I need earbuds


I don't think we can. That sounds very hard, sorry.


Oh okay
Cna I give you guys some suggestions for stuff you can make


Whoa. This is awesome!

I love the designs, and I really want to get the "Code like a girl" one!

My mom said I could get it, but is it only in kid sizes or adult? It looks like the biggest size is a medium in kids, and I'm not sure if that will fit me. When I tried to click woman's, it wouldn't let me add to cart.


Same, women's sizes weren't working for me!