😱🚨 Hopscotch Swag Center is here! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚




Some things that I think would be cool would be pillows, definitely plushies :grin:, book bags, keychains, iDevice cases, hats, and headphones would be rock(ing) candy sweet! Lol
Pun Jedi master @Caramel_Puffin, another pun?


YESSSSS!!!!!!! @Meg, is it on the website?


Omigosh this is AWESOME!!!


Good point! There isn't a link from the website yet, but we'll add it soon. Until then, you can access it through the link at the top of the topic.



There lovely but to be honest I think hardly anyone will buy them
1. Loads of peeps including me r leavin.g
2. No offence coz they're lovely but I just can't see that many people walking round in a hopscotch t shirt I mean I can't see anyone even wearing a scratch t shirt! I don't think you'll make much money from them as we all know these have been made because u need money which is one reason to do with why I'm leVing

So now u have
1. App costs money (scratch doesn't new players will just get another app (I don't play any other coding apps btw))

  1. Subscriptions for more ( I believe only a few peeps have bought it and I'm sorry but there's not many kids willing to pay $100 ( I think it's a 100 or 80 still a lot tho)dollars to code when they. could have fun in real life and go to the cinema or buy new toys or to a theme park with that money)

  2. T-shirts ( kids wear cartoon characters on there t-s or logos,names,famous brands, animals not coding app logos or characters sorry or they'll buy it and never wear it which is a waste of money I mean my bro bought me a I :heart:️ New York shirt when he went there I just wear it in bed coz well I don't love New York! Tho I thanked him :slight_smile: ......)

Yep just not gonna make enough money guys or sell enough sorry I just don't see it happenening and u might think but ur only 13 but I do working my dads business and I tell him a lot of ways to do things or more things to sell to get customers in and it works plus I know how to work there.... sorry just can't see it :neutral_face:......

A leaving hopper Jess

I know people r saying they wanna buy them but a few kids won't help and only some will b allowed!


I don't agree with you. Hopscotch has many users, and many forumers really want the shirts! It's a great idea.


I agree, it's a great idea! The shirts are super cool! I think lots of people will buy them!


Ye u may think that and that's fine but most peeps wanting them are 12 13 u won't want to wear it when ur 14 really Ull b out with ur mates anyway don't worry ur allowed an opinion I was directing this at meg


The shirts with characters aren't necessarily Hopscotch shirts. They still look cool for people who don't know HS


That's totally okay! You don’t have to buy one if you don’t want to. And it's true, the tee shirts do cost money, but they cover the cost of making and printing the tee shirt. Don’t worry, we’re not going to try and run Hopscotch on the proceeds from t-shirts :slight_smile:


Don't worry this message is directed at meg or tht no one else


That's not what I was saying?....... @Meg


cool shirts. one thing, they seem kinda sexist as in "code like a girl". what if you're a boy?

anyways, maybe you could put something like "code like a pro".


how is this on watching????


Yeah, it's Mr. Le Gasp!!! How ya doin?



Must... buy.... one



Unfortunately, I can't get I it.... I don't think





There are no words to describe how excited I am right now.

  • I'm going to get one!
  • Not sure, mabey
  • Can't get one
  • I'm not.....


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These shirts are rad omg :0101