😱🚨 Hopscotch Swag Center is here! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚



Yeah there are :smiley:

I want some swag :cry::laughing:

And ooh were these not there at the time of the first post I think?

I'm kind of tempted to dream about crafting some things... :thought_balloon:


Yeah! That would be Awesome!
HS hats, if that dosent already exist


Oh haha I didn't see this :joy: That's awesome


Oh yes! Beanies and hats! With smol desgins on the edge or front!


@t1_hopscotch made a super cool design that would be a good t-shirt design

The thing on the right is amazing! (Was made by @t1_hopscotch)

@Rodrigo @meg


:blush: blush wow thank you @Dolphin_coders :relaxed:

Rodrigo does design for Hopscotch if anything so I am rather embarrassed XD


I know its just.... well that design is amazing! XD


I agree about the t-shirt design it's really cool !
I think it would be cool if we could have a drawing of a project on a t-shirt I'm designing it now
@dolphin_coders @t1_hopscotch @rodrigo


Oooh that would be cool, I see you are excited to design it! I would love to see :smiley: Tag me if you post it!

It briefly reminds me of this t-shirt but this is just more of a sort of slogan:


Do u have a picture of a published project it can be any it's just that I want an example to draw it but...
The school deleted hopscotch from everyone's iPad so (And I don't have my iPhone with me)


Sure! Do you mean the code or a screenshot of the project in play? (I think some of the video tutorial covers might look interesting actually, if a project while being played)

And oh noes wow they deleted it :frowning:


While playing it please!
I'll try to see YouTube and find a video with a project in it ...


Okay! I had taken screenshots of the videos, but actually, is there any sort of project that comes to mind? :smiley: or just a random project :slight_smile:

video tutorials


A thanks I have to go to the cafeteria bye!!


Okay no problem! (I must charge my iPad anyway too actually :slight_smile:)


@t1_hopscotch my design


Ooh I think that's awesome!! :smiley:


@Meg @Rodrigo @Liza I thought you guys would like to see a cool t-shirt design! I made it (with a little help from Hopscotch)!
Kayro presents...

It is like the other character tees but a little more colorful. It has the simple design with the golden star magenta hat and striped clothes. I would definitely wear this. The stripes are a bit off and I only outlined and colored the character.
hope you like it!


Why is she facing the other way? I like the idea!


She not. It like their shirts they are one color but I did this instead