😱🚨 Hopscotch Swag Center is here! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚



Hurray! My shirt came! :smile::tada:

I love it! I know I'm going to wear it all the time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley:

Everything turned out pretty good, and the material is super comfortable! It's awesome!

If anybody sees me wearing my shirt, come say hello! :smile:

@meg, @Rodrigo, @Liza, thank you!


Oh wow, that looks awesome! IΒ΄m really happy that you liked it :smiley:


That looks awesome! I think I might get one now =D
Me: sees girl wearing Code Like A Girl shirt
Girl: Ummm...who are you? And who's SmileyAlyssa..?
Me: sorry, wrong person. bye!


When you say that you're planning to add new things to the store...
Do you by any chance mean...
Yes, I am that random person who keeps asking about sweatshirts and even emailed you about it


You've never emailed me about sweatshirts. Also, by sweatshirts you mean sweaters? Hoodies? Can you illustrate what you're looking for?

And, when I say we're planning to add new things I can't really be more specific than that because, well, we're still planning.


Right, I mean hoodie-sweatshirts. (?)
And it was either Liza or Meg who replied to my email :/


I think hoodie sweatshirts would be great, but so would just plain long sleeved versions of the designs. :D

I think I'll wait until a long sleeved something comes out before I buy one, that way I won't have to wear a sweater over it XD


@meg and @liza I just ordered a shirt yesterday night ;D

How long will it take to get to my front door?


Smol revive!


Good question! The Threadless website can answer this better than we can since they're in charge of shipping. The answer may be different depending on where you live.


Le revive!


Le revive of the revives


Another Revive? This is sooo cool!


Woah this place XD

Maybe create a book about hopscotch's designs, drafts, ideas... and team?
You know, a book about hopscotch?


Maybe, create plushies/ pillows of The characters? Wall decor could be good too! And mugs, and waterbottles would be Nice! Defenetly iPad cases!


Make hopscotch pillowcases XD


That'd be pretty cool, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just sleeps on a cupcake

Person: Oh now I want some cupcakes!

Dreams about Cupcake land

Sleeps on bear

Person: Oh gosh! I hope I don't get a bad dream because I am scared of bears

Dreams about getting chased by bears



And iPhone cases?
Maybe a jacket woth a hood with logo and designs in back


Really cool ideas! Anyone suggest notebooks/diaries yet?