😱🚨 Hopscotch Swag Center is here! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜‚



You’ve dreamed about swag.

You’ve brainstormed great designs.

You’ve even made your own.

Today, the wait is over. We listened to your ideas and we’re SUPER PUMPED about this announcement.

Welcome to the Hopscotch Swag Center :shirt::100: .

Big ups to @rodrigo for his beautiful designs. How cool are these tees?

We decided to start small and offer a few designs and product options, but these may grow over time.

If you want to make suggestions about what we should sell, email us at shop@gethopscotch.com!

If you need help buying something send the folks at Threadless, our shop host, an email at help@threadless.com.

The reason Threadless handles these questions is because they store all your credit card information. and print and ship all the tee shirts. So if you need help with any of these things, they're the best place to go for help. (They don’t decide what is IN our shop though, so don’t tell them that we should sell dog leashes or whatever you want us to sellβ€”tell us that :slight_smile: ).

Have a great weekend and stay awesome, Hops!

Hopscotch Stickers App


This is awesome! :D


3rd post and hi meg ........

This is awesome @Rodrigo u can show off your drawing skills now !


Eeek @Meg liked my post thanks!!!:blush::blush:

And I'll ask my mum if I can buy anything


This is sooo cool! I love it!


Wait, @Meg, can you buy this stuff from the UK?


Super cool idea.

I love the look of just a solid character, especially the bear one.


Yup, you can! The only difference is your shipping will be the International rate since you're not in the US.




Wait @Meg are u going to like have a suggestion box of new products I've got millions of ideas.

If i was in a class :raised_hand:🏻:raised_hand:🏻:raised_hand:🏻:raised_hand:🏻:raised_hand:🏻:raised_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻:raising_hand:🏻 I'll be putting my hands up like a crazy person


So cool! Can't wait to hear about them. You can email them to us at shop@gethopscotch.com, but I think the best way to discuss product ideas is to start a topic on the forum. That way, we can get everyone involved!

We're going to test the shop out for a little while before we add new things, but I'm excited to hear your ideas. Stay awesome!


For example
- :tophat:
- pencils
- rubbers


I AM SO EXCITED! I've been waiting two years for this moment :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks @Meg and @Rodrigo!!!

I'm going to buy Bear, Octo, Cupcake Oh My:


I love this! Now I will be able to recognize fellow Hopscotchers if I see someone wearing a Hopscotch shirt​:slight_smile:


Ohmigod, @Liza and @Meg liked my post!!! Best. Day. Ever!!!
:scream: So happy!


OMG 3 mods on a topic more eeeeek

and 3 mods liked my post more eeeeeeeek


Ooooh, can we get matching ones? I am having trouble deciding. This will require some thought....


So cool! Well done @Rodrigo! Finally some merchandise! :D


@Liza liked another one and @Madi_Hopscotch_!!!
Me so happy!


@Rodrigo liked my post!!! Pretty much, everyone on the HS Team likes my post!