Hopscotch Supporters Club!



I'd like to start a club named the Hopscotch Supporters Club.

On a club account, we can branch people's projects that are cool. Projects from people that need recognition.

Basically, the club is like being a Xbox community supporter (if you know what I mean).. but with Hopscotch.

Also, I need a way to share the club account password incase I do create the club. I don't want the account to be hacked :frowning:

Anyways, what do you think of the club idea? :slight_smile:

  • I like the idea
  • I love the idea
  • I hate the idea


If you could, would you join the club? :wink:

  • Yes!
  • No.
  • Maybe.


Votes are public.

Have a great day, Hopscotchers :smiley:


Mkay, someone likes the idea but might join the club :stuck_out_tongue:

bump bump bump bump


BUMP :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:




This is one of the greatest ideas :smiley:


lol thanks

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