Hopscotch Summer Game Collab

You done? It’s gotta go down soon

Incorrect username/pass

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Umm It is right image

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It is going…

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Im here now i signed up now

Ok it is gone want it back

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Sooo what to do now
Gone now?

Ill be back later

Ok cool! Let’s start

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Ok I will start

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@GweTV can you make Music for A Summer Colab game for us


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the summer comp is over


Hi jye, ive fixed the bug :/
Its bc you put a repeat forever block on a make a clone, it is buggy when you do that

I know, will there be one in 2021?


Yep! It happens annually.

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yes, but you usually can’t start coding it until the leaders say you can

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(incase of twists etc like this year haha)

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