Hopscotch Summer Camp! (H.S.C)


Hmm, I need to think about it, will you try to be active?



Hi! I was just wondering what a CIT is?


A CIT is Counselor In Training


Here's my application for CIT


Great answer I'll think about it, I'll let you know today or tomorrow (or as soon as I can)


Sorry if I have tagged you before I'm just wondering if you guys are interested in this.


Sorry but I don't code anymore :)


Ok, thanks for at least seeing this! :)


I don't code on Hopscotch anymore.



This is awesome! Can I join?


Hi @Explorer_! I made some minor adjustments to my 'code your cabin' project. Here's the link!

Her sure to look at this one versus the old version. Thank you! - Wyn


Will you be active in the summer? Mostly, yeah ^-^
Will you do the challenges? Definitely :D
Will you be nice? Always! ;D

This sounds fun :)


Welcome frenapai to the cabin of lions!


How do you create something like that?


Will you be active in the summer? Probably
Will you do the challenges? Yeah
Will you be nice? Yeah


Go to @t1_hopscotch's topic, also it's on my GT but you might have to scroll up


Welcome to panda cabin!


Cool, thanks! :D


Yes can I be in the tiger