Hopscotch Summer Camp! (H.S.C)


I added them but they didn't pop up though


I can sign you up as a co-counselor for the Cows


K that's great thicks


You are the last counselor! You will be for the cows!


Ok! You are camper for the pandas!


Sorry we are full for counselor, but you can be a co-counselor for the tigers!


What time zone are you in? You don't have to reply if you want want to say


Umm sure! But I usually don't do that


Ok! You will be a camper for the foxes


Will you be active in the summer?

Will you do the challenges?
Sure NOTE: I will only be doing coding challenges in probably when I have time; after I have finished my tests (which is not very long) and I have vacation.

Will you be nice?
Of course (^O^)


Ok! you will be a camper for the horses!


Weekly Activity!/Welcome!

Welcome to the first day of H.S.C! We might get some more people to join us, but this weeks activity is code your cabin! Good luck you have until next week!




Either way, I am fine. I was just wondering. If you did, then great! If not, it's fine, too :smiley_cat:


Oh, I have a question. Does the team do it together, or does each hopscotcher make the project individually?


For this one it's everyone by themselves, but we will have some activities that is with your cabin


Okay. Thank you! I am on it right now :grin:


You have a week, so don't rush :blush:


I live in australia (Southern Hemisphere)



I'm bad at pixel art so yeh XD