Hopscotch Summer Camp! (H.S.C)


You will be counselor of the horses!


Oh :o
Okay then!


No problem!


You found my secret message XD



Yes! Yes I do!


@t1_hopscotch, get ready to get group tag-making!
and seriously, good luck :wink:



I am evil... :3


plez lavender




plez let's stop so no spam flagging




Hey, it's just a small change, but can I add emojis to the cabins?


Ok :+1:


I'll be on and off, it depends...


Will you be active in the summer? Yep! (I'll inform you if I'll be off)
Will you do the challenges? Yep!
Will you be nice? YA!


Will you be active in the summer? Yes
Will you do the challenges? Yes
Will you be nice? Yes


Will you be active in the summer? Only every day 24 7!
Will you do the challenges? I love challenges!
Will you be nice? Nice is my game
I WANT TO BE A CONSULAR SO BAD!!!!!!!! @Explorer_


Cool idea, ill be interested to see your projects.
I wish it was summer here...


Below is my form! I would love to join the summer camp, as long as my family does not go on vacation or do something that will not allow me to check my iPad :yum:

P.S. do we get choice of teams? If so, I would love to be a tiger!


Form answers:

I'll try as hard as I can!
Can't make any promises there :P... JK. I will.

I'd love to join this summer camp!

wait seeing this makes me want to make a new challenge for the HFT oops I'm so irresponsible