Hopscotch Summer Camp! (H.S.C)


Welcome to H.S.C! This a HS summer camp! HOLD YOUR FLAGS! We will be coding weekly challenges. Im putting this on global edit, plz don't edit without my permission. If you wanna join plz fill in this form:

Will you be active in the summer?
Will you do the challenges?
Will you be nice?

FORM for members to be promoted to CITs (6 spots)

How long have you been in this camp?
Do you have any ideas that will improve this camp?
Will you be active as a CIT?
Why do you want to be a CIT?

You will be sorted into different cabins: :panda_face: Pandas, 🦊 Foxes, :tiger: Tigers, :horse: Horses, :cow: Cows, :lion_face: Lions. The first 6 people that join will be counselors.



Counselors and Co-Counselors




:panda_face: Pandas

@JonnyGamer counselor
@Paige1212 CIT

🦊 Foxes

@DECODECO Co-Counselor
@Artistic_cat Counselor

:tiger: Tigers

@Gobli09 Counselor
@laser_eyed_puppy Co-Counselor
@WynterDiamond CIT

:horse: Horses

@LavenderArts Counselor

:cow: Cows

@Kitty4U Co-Counselor
@Sensei_Coder Counselor

:lion_face: Lions

@Explorer_ Counselor

First day of camp is on June 1, 2017
Last full day of camp is August 31, 2017
You may join any time!

Sorry if I tagged you twice


FORM: @JonnyGamer
Will you be active in the summer? yep
Will you do the challenges? yep
Will you be nice? yep


Welcome to camp @JonnyGamer! You will be counselor of the pandas!


:panda_face: Panda Cabin Counselor! :panda_face:


Counselor, please! can there be a co-counselor? I'll be off and on in the summer :confused:


Plz fill in the form first :slight_smile:




I don't know about co counselor, but I can make you a CIT for the Foxes


What's a CIT??


It means Counselor In Training


Um.. that doesn't make sense.. I'm training for counselor when I don't want to be one??? lol just change it to "co-counselor" XD and I'll be a co-counselor :slight_smile:


Fine, but that's kinda the same thing


um... no they're not....
But I won't argue anymore, it's done. :grin:



Will you be active in the summer? Yes
Will you do the challenges? yes
Will you be nice? yes


@Artistic_cat you will be counselor of Foxes!
@Gobli09 you will be counselor of Tigers!


Ooh I like cats! So I like tigers. Thanks! :grin: :tiger:




2 more counselors! Anyone else wanna join?


:D filled it out!