Hopscotch Streetfighter 1v1 Game : Multiple characters, character upgrades, and more


I am starting up a StreetFighter game, and need people to help me. (Gonna be different from the average streetfighter). I need people to help with the following (And More) things. If you get let in I will add you to a google doc.


And here is the draft of the rules/guidelines.

In the game, each player will be able to start with a character and 20 coins. These coins will be used to buy more characters and upgrades for the ones they have. To get coins, the players will enter a 1v1 battle with each other, streetfighter style, for a selected stake. The stakes can go from 1-7 coins to the winner, and an equal loss to the losing player. When a player hits 0 coins, they lose the entire game.

If you would like to help, reply to this topic with your email, and however you can help.


Why would we need to go to Docs? Unless you don't want the public looking at discussion?


Email: creativeregulus@gmail.com
I can give ideas and help with/do values.


Its just a more convenient method of communicating and saving information than the forum, and I also want discussion about development and comments/suggestions seperate as well.


I can help


Y were u sad me knowing yo full nam e, when you post it?