Hopscotch Story Time!

Hey, Hopscotch!

So, today I came up with an idea. It's called Hopscotch Story Time. This is going to be a game where you share funny, experienced stories with everyone else here on the forum. Typically, say I had a story like this:

Today, I had a face palm moment. I was signed out of hopscotch (that's another tale) and I tried to log back in. Here's what happened: I typed in my username, LavenderArts, and my password, but nothing worked. I made sure I did it correctly, but it still wouldn't let me in. Finally, I pressed "Forgot your password?" I checked my email after that. Here's the email:

Hey, LavenderArts​:reminder_ribbon:!

(There was more, but you're probably familiar)

As soon as I read that sentence, I knew EXACTLY what I'd done. Hint: I forgot the emoji... wow, that was a terrible hint.


Anyways, this topic is to share your Hopscotch stories! Sometimes users on the forum need something to brighten their day, and it always feels good to make someone feel better. It also doesn't have to be funny, it can be a story about how you learned some helpful code. That could help others too!

Here are the rules:
Anyone can enter a story!
The story must be Hopscotch related, or you'll be off topic.
Don't use a story that approves negative comments toward another person on Hopscotch.
If you have a story with another Hopscotcher in it, make sure to get their approval!
Lastly, the story can be fiction if it is a funny story. But if it is about code, please make sure everything is true.

I hope you like the idea!

Note: if you start messing around the topic, I'll poll asking you to stay off this topic unless you agree to stop. I don't want to have to close it for other people.


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I really wish you would stop posting that video,
also @LavenderArts great topic :slight_smile:

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Cash, I did not flag this. Because I am nice. And I am your fren. But do not do this in the future, thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey, that was funny, but make sure it is Hopscotch related! It's fine right now, just make sure in the future.

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Great idea! I will maybe post a story when I have an idea of what I should make.

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